Ghost Buster Sisters is Released!

Hi, there.
I'm really excited to announce that we released the game "Ghost Buster Sisters"!

You can download it and play by the link bellow (here).
Also we are planning to keep updating it.

I hope you enjoy our game.

Sisters VS Ghosts!
There are a total of 5 levels so far.

How to play:

 ←→ Move

  Jump or Arial Action

  Switch Sisters

 You can see the ghosts with Aoi (Blue girl) but can only beat them with Akane (Red girl)!


 This is developed for GhostJam:

 Though we have decided to continue updating this game!

Game Programming: @KaifuKM:
 Art Designer: tamata31145:


Files 25 MB
Mar 12, 2018

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